ChipWits is Beta Testing!

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We’re excited to announce that ChipWits is officially in Beta Testing mode! We’ve decided to form several cohorts of testers, at three stages: Our goal is to form testing cohorts with a mix of ages, experiences and demographics so that … Continued

ChipWits Has a Steam Store Page!

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Hey everyone, I have some exciting news – ChipWits’ Steam Store page was approved today. Check it out! The page includes a trailer and several real gameplay screenshots. If you’re reading this, please wishlist our game on Steam if you … Continued

Finding Our Game Audience

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One of the most challenging aspects of developing ChipWits has been finding our game audience. As we’re nearing a trailer and playable demo, we’d like to take some time to start building our list of journalists, streamers, influencers and other … Continued

UnityWebRequest to Game Server

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In the past two weeks I’ve been experimenting with different ways to talk to the ChipWits game server from our game, and found that using protocol buffers with UnityWebRequest is the best way forward for us. In this devlog post, … Continued