About ChipWits

ChipWits on a Mac 128k

Welcome to the official website for ChipWits, a reboot of the retro game that makes coding robots fun and accessible to all!

Doug Sharp and Mike Johnston originally created ChipWits in 1984 as a way to teach the basics of coding through programming a cute, programmable robot called a ChipWit.

The game opened to rave reviews by Byte, Icon Review, COMPUTE!, INFO64, MACazine, MacUser and many other nostalgia-inducing magazines. In March 2008 Maclife.com named ChipWits one of the Top 10 Apple II/Mac Games of all time.

Now, a small team of four, including the game’s original co-creator, are partnering to bring this classic to a new generation of fans! The reboot extends the original game by introducing modernized graphics, music, new items, chips, puzzles and missions, and online leaderboards, among other features.

We at ChipWits are committed to making coding fun and accessible to everyone. Our goal is to provide you with a unique and entertaining learning experience for all ages. We are also dedicated to providing a safe, inclusive and welcoming environment for players of all backgrounds.

We hope you enjoy playing ChipWits!

The Game

ChipWit Picks Up a Pie

ChipWits is a fun and challenging game that lets you experiment with programming a robot to solve a variety of puzzles and missions. Your ChipWit scores points by collecting items, zapping bad guys or completing other mission objectives.

To play the game, you place chips in a grid and press the “Play” button. Each chip performs a single operation such as moving, turning, or picking up an item. As you continue to play you will collect new an interesting chips such as a chip that allows your robot to sing a tune! You’ll also meet bad-guys like the dreaded electrocrab!

An electrocrab, ready
to pounce!

Missions are open-ended, and there is generally no one right way to solve them. If you’re looking for an extra challenge, you can optimize your solution to either: (1) maximize your score, (2) minimize chips, or (3) minimize cycles (steps) used. You can compare your solution with the world’s best players to see how you rank!

Learning to Play

A series of tutorial missions gently introduces you to new chips and new programming concepts. As you progress through the tutorials, they become trickier and more engaging.

We post new puzzles and missions all the time, so you can keep coming back for more!