ChipWits Steam Livestream: Exploring ChipWit Caves

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In celebration of being accepted into Steam’s Dinos vs. Robots Fest, we decided to put together a 7-day marathon Steam Livestream showcasing a ChipWit in action.

The Steam Livestream appears on our store page for the duration of the fest and loops a ~15 minute pre-recorded video showing a custom ChipWit (Bobby Gearbox) navigating a redesigned version of ChipWit Caves. You can hear one of the songs from our soundtrack and watch the robot explore the maze. How high of a score will it achieve before it runs out of cycles? Or will it run out of fuel first?

ChipWits’ First Steam Livestream is live!

ChipWit Caves

ChipWit Caves is one of the original 8 missions included in the original 1984 Mac, Commodore 64 and Apple II version of the game. This mission has eight 8×8 rooms spelling out the word “CHIPWITS”. Many troublesome electrocrabs inhabit the maze, and they are a really great source of randomness getting in the way of otherwise predictable code. They are also fun to zap.

Here’s a shot of the Commodore 64 version of ChipWit Caves:

Mister CW in ChipWit Caves
(Commodore 64, 1985)

Here is our adaptation of ChipWit Caves:

Bobby Gearbox in the New ChipWit Caves


We’re very excited to share this sneak peek into our gameplay, and would love to hear your reactions in the comments, below.

While you’re checking out our store page, please take the time to wishlist ChipWits if you haven’t already!

4 Responses

  1. Jim S.

    Looking very good! Congrats on all above. Everything about it is great. Modern graphics but still has the charm of the original Mac version I know from my 512K Fat Mac. Any news on when the beta will be released?

  2. Mark Roth

    Thanks, Jim. We’re happy to hear that!

    Stay tuned for announcements on our beta and our first public demo. We’re as eager as you are to get those out in the coming months!

  3. Robert

    I only found out about all this because someone asked for help in a Commodore 64 FB page about a game they used to play. It does sound interesting, and I’m looking forward to it coming out on Steam.

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