ChipWits Game Devlog Intro

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Creating Games With Friends It took me a while to realize that creating a game becomes even more fun with friends. Before I met Doug Sharp, I was a private admirer of his work and created my own clone of … Continued

Welcome to the ChipWits Reboot!

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ChipWits is a game for all ages about coding friendly robots with an icon-based language. It features competition, puzzles, engaging stories, and tinkering for fun. I’m Mark Roth, and I’m here with Doug Sharp, the co-creator of the classic geek … Continued

Who are we?

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Let’s meet the team working on the reboot of ChipWits. This is Doug Sharp. He wrote two hit computer games in the mid-80s: ChipWits and Cinemaware’s The King of Chicago. He was a manager and coder in Microsoft Research’s Virtual Worlds Group. … Continued