Original Game Design

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Before we start walking through our development progress on the reboot of ChipWits, we’d like to introduce (or review, for those who have already played) the game design of the original version of the game. Robots in Our Lives When … Continued

Game Design Blog: 3/4 Perspective?

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Creating a new game can be overwhelming. There are many decisions to make, some of which become increasingly hard to reverse as development progresses. In our ChipWits game design blog we’d like to share some of the decisions we’ve made … Continued

Unofficial Windows Version by Klaus Breuer

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In 2006, Klaus Breuer, a German-Canadian programmer, author and traveler, released his own unofficial Windows version of ChipWits. This was a passion project of his after being inspired by reading this review in Creative Computing (more reviews here). Klaus saved … Continued

Modernizing the ChipWit Robot

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The ChipWit in the current early access version is admittedly a bit boxy and dated. We’re looking to modernize it in such a way as to keep with the original spirit of the game but bring it into the modern … Continued

ChipWits Game Devlog Intro

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Creating Games With Friends It took me a while to realize that creating a game becomes even more fun with friends. Before I met Doug Sharp, I was a private admirer of his work and created my own clone of … Continued

Welcome to the ChipWits Reboot!

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ChipWits is a game for all ages about coding friendly robots with an icon-based language. It features competition, puzzles, engaging stories, and tinkering for fun. I’m Mark Roth, and I’m here with Doug Sharp, the co-creator of the classic geek … Continued

Who are we?

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Let’s meet the team working on ChipWits. This is Doug Sharp. He wrote two hit computer games in the mid-80s: ChipWits and Cinemaware’s The King of Chicago. He was a manager and coder in Microsoft Research’s Virtual Worlds Group. He’s written two … Continued