ChipWits Has a Steam Store Page!

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Hey everyone, I have some exciting news – ChipWits’ Steam Store page was approved today. Check it out!

The page includes a trailer and several real gameplay screenshots.

If you’re reading this, please wishlist our game on Steam if you haven’t already done so. This makes a really big difference for us in visibility in the very crowded Steam Store.

You may have also noticed that we updated some of the key graphics on the web site, including our press kit. This is all in preparation for us to join future marketing events (Steam and otherwise). Stay tuned!

We’d love to hear your thoughts on our trailer and all the new graphics and content we posted. Please write back in the comments!

We’re looking forward to future milestones over the coming months, and remember that our Beta still has available slots – tell your friends to sign up for our mailing list so they can help playtest our game as well.

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  1. Jim S.

    Yes, I set up a steam account and did the wishlist. The graphics look great and I’m liking the described play. However, I thought that there was going to be a version that played like 1984 ChipWits – am I wrong? Looking forward to the beta release.

    • Mark Roth

      Hi, Jim, thanks for the wishlist! We are focusing on the new missions, first, but rest assured we have ported all the original missions (from Greedville to Boomtown) with all the original maps and chip behaviors. We’re considering either having a classic mode or classic DLC for those who wish to re-experience the original missions. In the meantime, we’ve also had good luck running the original in emulation if you really want the original authentic experience.

      • Doug Sharp -- Co-creator of ChipWits

        Greetings, Jim! Always good to meet a fan of the original. As Mark said, we will release the original missions, but not until we home our missions for the release.. I hope you signed up for our mailing list so we can invite you to playtest. Stay in touch and give feedback!

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