Why is Random COINFLIP an OP?

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When Mike and I developed ChipWits to the point where we could play it, we realized that we needed to add some randomness to IBOL. Let’s see why it was important to add the random COINFLIP operator, and get a … Continued

Finding Our Game Audience

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One of the most challenging aspects of developing ChipWits has been finding our game audience. As we’re nearing a trailer and playable demo, we’d like to take some time to start building our list of journalists, streamers, influencers and other … Continued

Robot Music With Carusoid

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ChipWits is both a serious and a light-hearted game. Serious about teaching computer science. Light-hearted because our ChipWits wear roller skates and drink COFFEE and perform robot music. We included Carusoid (a musical robot) in the original Commodore 64 version … Continued

UnityWebRequest to Game Server

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In the past two weeks I’ve been experimenting with different ways to talk to the ChipWits game server from our game, and found that using protocol buffers with UnityWebRequest is the best way forward for us. In this devlog post, … Continued

My Vision of the Future of ChipWits

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When Mike Johnston and I created ChipWits in 1984 we never dreamed it would live again nearly 40 years later. When I assembled the team to reboot ChipWits โ€” Mark Roth, Alex McChesney, and Jared Farney โ€” I didnโ€™t just … Continued

Leaderboard Game

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Will you be able to beat the world’s top ChipWit programmers? One of the features we’re most excited about in the new reboot of ChipWits is making it a leaderboard game. Here’s a preview of the leaderboard in our latest … Continued