Mac Diskette With 1984 ChipWits Source Code Found by a Fan!

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On August 20th, we received an email from a fan of the original game.

He saw our video Interview by @TeaLeavesProgramming about our reboot of the game, and he recalled that he had contacted Doug about ChipWits in the 80s. At that time, our fan asked Doug if he could have a copy of the source code for a Computer Science research paper he was working on.

After a few email exchanges, our fan was able to find this disk!

mac diskette

We sent the Mac Diskette to a data recovery company, to see if they could restore the data. Our fingers are crossed that the data is readable!

It would be incredibly exciting to see the original Mac source code for ChipWits, in Forth. We’re all hoping the data is readable!

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  1. Sam Knutson

    if you can get this it would make a great donation to Computer History Museum to preserve and/or to publish under an open source license on GitHub!

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