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We’ve been doing some work on our mission selection scene, to support the concept of “mission packs.” Whereas before we had a single linear sequence of missions, we’ve now broken them into categories, each of which can be a sequence or a mission pack.

Sequences are displayed in order while mission packs have the notion of progress and take you to a map scene, which we’ll cover in another Devlog entry. Here’s a preview of the scene in its current state:

Mission Selection Scene
Mission Selection Scene

We plan on launching the game with several categories:

  1. Dr. Droog Mission Pack (tutorial and story mode)
  2. Puzzles (fun puzzles updated periodically)
  3. Classic Missions (missions from the original 1984 version and ChipWits II)

In the future we’re hoping to release additional mission packs. With all these missions, having a mission selection scene that makes it easy to navigate and find the mission you’re looking to play next seems worth the investment.

For kicks, here’s how you select a mission in the original Mac version! Simple and effective, though it wouldn’t scale to many more than 20 missions.


Are there any features you’d want in a mission selection scene? Are there any games that do this particularly well? We’d love to hear from you – post your comments below!

  1. Jim S.

    Very cool. While I’d stated that I wanted to be sure we had the classic game and am happy to see it in the mission pack approach, I’m also ready to try ChipWits on space station!

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