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We’re honored to have Peter B. (Host of the Tea Leaves Programming YouTube Channel) amongst our fans of the game. Peter picked up on our post about FORTH Programming Language and generously offered to do a ChipWits interview on his channel.

ChipWits: The Interview, on @TeaLeavesProgramming

In the interview, we cover lots of topics, including:

  • Development of the original game and the reboot
  • The FORTH programming language
  • Software Piracy and Copy Protection
  • Game Design
  • Constructionism philosophy and similarities to the Logo Programming Language
  • The importance of community in indie games

Here’s some information about Peter’s channel:

Tea Leaves is all about programming like it’s 1979. Join us as we explore programming languages current and obsolete, and explore the challenges of working with retro hardware and software. We also, of course, occasionally explore games from the early 8-bit era of computing.

Enjoy the interview, and if you like it, please Like and Subscribe to Peter’s channel!


What are your thoughts on the interview? Are there any topics you wish we would have covered? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

4 Responses

  1. Jim S.

    Whew – had some captcha meltdowns, but third times the charm. “ChipWits: The Interview” is definitely a worthwhile conversation. I’m programming challenged, but intensely interested in computers and how they work. In 1985 I got my first Mac along with ChipWits which was one of those great things where you were having great fun and learning at the same time. At age 72, I’ve found Apple’s Swift Playgrounds following where ChipWits started. I’m thrilled at a 21st century reboot of ChipWits and want to be first (or second) in line to get it when it is available. Thanks for making this blog available follow progress on the new version.

    • Doug Sharp

      Thanks for your kind words, Jim. Great to have a longtime ChipWits fan onboard. I know you’ll dig the reboot.
      Be sure you sign up for the mailing list if you want a chance to help us playtest.

  2. Alan

    Will I be able to run the ChipWits Beta simulation for my year 10 Digital Technologies students?

    • Mark Roth

      Hi Alan! We very much hope the new ChipWits will be used in classroom settings like for your Digital Technologies students!

      I started with the original ChipWits in 5th grade and still find it challenging in my middle age. I think 10th year students will really get a lot out of it.

      We’re aiming to have a playable demo soon. In the meantime, please wishlist us on Steam so you’re notified as soon as it comes out, and join us on our Discord (link in the footer). We’d love to hear what you have in mind!

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