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Let’s meet the team working on ChipWits.

Doug Sharp – Co-Creator of the original ChipWits and co-founder of ChipWits, Inc.

This is Doug Sharp.

He wrote two hit computer games in the mid-80s: ChipWits and Cinemaware’s The King of Chicago. He was a manager and coder in Microsoft Research’s Virtual Worlds Group. He’s written two novels–Channel Zilch and Hel’s Bet–of a planned quartet about kickstarting the Singularity by stealing a space shuttle.

Mark Roth – Lead Engineer and co-founder of ChipWits, Inc.

This is Mark Roth.

In 5th grade, ChipWits helped kindle his interest in coding. By middle school, he wrote his first Commodore 64 assembler and by High School he authored a 3D Graphics library for DOS. Today, Mark loves architecting scalable and distributed data systems by day and enjoys writing games for fun on his spare time. Check out octagonsoftware.com for some of his other work.

Alex McChesney – Senior Software Engineer for ChipWits, Inc.

This is Alex McChesney.

Alex is a Scottish ex-pat now living in Austin, Texas with his wife, two kids, and two cats. As a kid in the 1980s he discovered a love of programming on his Sinclair ZX Spectrum and continues to work as a software developer to this day, making games in his spare time. His most recent creations are VekWars for Meta Quest and PCVR. Check out his other games at washingup.itch.io!

Jared Farney – Lead Composer and Sound Designer for ChipWits, Inc.

This is Jared Farney.

Jared is a Canadian living in Austin, Texas which means he’s often politely sweating. He has been happily playing and writing music and making sounds for the last 26 years, and with the right amount of coffee, he’ll never stop. Check out his music at jaredfarneymusic.com.

Richard Reis – Art Director for ChipWits, Inc.

This is Richard Reis.

Richard is Brazilian and has previously worked in motion design and UI/UX, but his true passion has always been games. He dedicated time and effort to studying 3D, and now he is fully immersed in this field, deeply engaged with what he does.

His primary focus lies in stylized 3D models, although he has the ability to achieve any desired outcome. Additionally, his love for cinema and single-player video games directly influences his work. He is an avid RPG fan and constantly inspired by this fantastic universe.

Mike Johnston, In Memoriam, 1955-2018 – Original Co-creator of ChipWits

Here, we also remember Mike Johnston.

Mike was one of the co-creators of the original ChipWits.

A portion of ChipWits profit will go to the Osteogenesis Imperfecta Foundation (oif.org) in Mike’s memory. Mike was a Lecturer in the U of M Department of Education. He was a founder of two software development companies (Discourse and Interactive Illusions).

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