Modernizing the ChipWit Robot

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The ChipWit in the current early access version is admittedly a bit boxy and dated. We’re looking to modernize it in such a way as to keep with the original spirit of the game but bring it into the modern era (other game assets, like the tilesets will follow).

Our team is still without a dedicated graphics artist, so we’d like to turn the question over to our community.

But first, here are the original ChipWit sprites from the 1984 version of ChipWits:

Later, ChipWits II was released, and the character was rendered in 2D and 3D:

So far, this is what we came up with for the modern reboot. It’s largely based on the ChipWits II 3D rendering, but with slightly improved quality:

ChipWit Rendering from Early Access Build

What are people’s honest thoughts on the new rendering of ChipWit?

How far should we deviate from the original design to attract a new audience?

If we wanted to make the robot design 15% cuter and less boxy / more modern, what would you try? What might the final rendering look like?

We’d love to hear your thoughts!

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