Rotate 45 Degrees

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ChipWits wouldn’t be nearly as interesting if your robot couldn’t turn. Doug Sharp and Mike Johnston, the original designers of ChipWits, made two important decisions that affect the gameplay:

  1. When ChipWit turns, it does so at 45 degree increments
  2. It does so sporting iconic Red Roller Skates!
Montage of ChipWit red robot roller skates that let your ChipWit rotate 45 degrees left or right

The operator that causes ChipWit to rotate 45 degrees left or right looks like a skate:

Skate Operator

When paired with a left-45 or right-45 argument, your robot will rotate 45 degrees left or right.

rotate 45 degrees left
Turn Left
rotate 45 degrees right
Turn Right

Rotating opens up a whole new world for your ChipWit. Good thing it cannot get dizzy!

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