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  • 2010: Doug and Mike plan to revive ChipWits after Doug sells his novel Hel's Bet.
  • 2009: Our producer choice left us in the lurch - he got another job and didn't even bother to let us know ;^( Great producers make the hard phone calls - he couldn't.
  • 1/13/09: We got some strong applicants for both producer and programmer. I look forward to introducing the new ChipWits team soon.
  • 12/31/08: My epilepsy has become worse and programming is difficult for me. We are looking for a programmer and a producer to move ChipWits forward. I am making a few simple improvements to the game this week - mostly fixing tutorial bugs. I will post a new build within the next few days. We promise to keep improving ChipWits. Thanks to all our great ChipWits players for your patience. - Doug Sharp
  • 8/25/08: Lots of enhancements in build .9991. Check out the new ChipWitsCam to see what your 'Wit sees during a mission. Spiffy new interface - try the Spin Control to give your ChipWit vertigo. New Contest Mission: Stripe City.
  • 2/26/08: Lots of improvements to the game. I got the IBOL editor polished. I'm working on reworking Mazes so WALLs and DOORs are 1 square thick. I will be porting ChipWits to AIR 1.0, which was released today. I hope to have a new contest in early March.
  • 1/22/08 - After a long break to work on finding an agent for my novel and starting another game project, I am returning to ChipWits. Our last contest went great and we had some wonderful bughunters. I've got a list of 50 bugs and improvements to make and am diving in full-blast today. I hope to announce a contest in one week.
  • 12/17/07 - I'm going to take a couple weeks to stamp out bugs before releasing a new build. Thanks to all of you who reported bugs! I will announce a new contest when I've got a shiny new debugged ChipWits.
  • 11/27/07 - Just announced the 6th ChipWits Contest.
  • 11/24/07 - New Build. Fixed a bunch of small bugs and one big one - flipping back to Main whenever you put a chip in a subpanel.
  • 11/08/07 - New build up. Hummingbird speed is a lot quicker. New missions.
  • 9/20/07 I've been making lots of improvements to the game. I will have a release ready on Oct 1 - the deadline for entering the Independent Games Festival. We will also be releasing a beta of our new Mission Editor (thanks to Mark Roth) . Our artist Margaret Sharp is 21 today!
  • 8/25/07 I'm finished my book (now called Hel's Bet) and am back at work on ChipWits. My deadline for releasing ChipWits is Oct. 1 - the deadline for submitting games to the Independent Game Festival. The first few days of progamming are going very well. Also, Mark Roth is working on the mission editor. Can't wait to use it! I've moved my blog to
  • 7/4/07 Slow progress, but progress none the less. I am taking July off to travel and work on my novel Channel Zilch. I will be back in August with new builds and contests. It's been 23 years since we launched the Mac version of ChipWits, so what's a few more months?
  • 6/22/07 Slower than I'd hoped, but I am making progress. Implemented Breakpoints. Am fixing some visual and interface bugs before releasing the next build. I'll drop a Mac build the same day as I drop a Win version. I am shooting for a drop on 6/27. Wish me luck!
  • 6/4/07 - I am working on the Mac version. Should have a testable Mac build up by the end of next week. I have decided to use Adobe Apollo for the Mac version. Also integrating new Mission control panel graphics and moving some of the button functions into menus.

  • 5/17/07 - The new build is up! Lots of new features:

    • Undo/Redo
    • Multi-chip drag and drop
    • Named Subpanels
    • Cut and paste,
    • Comments,
    • Menus rather than buttons
    • Register operators.

    The interface is a little ragged but there are a lot of new toys to try out. Next I try to get a Mac build working. Then onto building a full suite of tutorial missions.

  • 5/16/07 - New build delayed until tomorrow. Wish me luck!
  • 5/15/07 - Will drop a new build tomorrow. Got named subpanels working and need to tighten a few nuts and bolts before showing it to the world.
  • 5/11/07 The IBOL editor is becoming a slick little dev environment. Just got multiple-select drag and drop working. Undo/redo/cut/paste are a joy to use. I've decided to revamp Subpanels - letting a 'Wit have more than 8 and giving them meaningful labels rather than just A-G. I also got Registers working - IBOL variables. My current goal is to post a new build on 5/15. Back to work!
  • 4/26/07 I am spending a couple weeks adding significant new features to ChipWits' IBOL editor. Little things like undo/redo, cut and paste, multiple selection. Feels great to speed up the IBOL dev cycle for ChipWits players. I also got a Mac Powerbook today so the Mac version of ChipWits will be a reality ASAP.
  • 4/22/07 Trojo's Clumsy3 takes ChipWits Caves contest!
  • 4/15/07 - Will have a new build this week. I've been working on the UI quite a bit.
  • 4/3/07 - At long last the new build is up. Download build 185 and help us playtest. New features: X-Ray mode, High Score records kept, Snail Mode, Auto-Zoom, and smoother chip editing. Enter our contest - Build a ChipWit to conquer ChipWit Caves.
  • 4/1/07 - We'll kick off a new contest on 4/3. Tightening up a few last bugs before the next round of playtesting.
  • 3/23/07 - Working hard on implementing feedback we got from the Indie Gamer forums. Lots more tutorial missions. We'll announce a new contest the first week in April - stay tuned!
  • 3/11/07 - Trojo's Rusty6 takes the 3rd Hall of Pie contest! Congrats Trojo and Rusty6.
  • 3/8/07 New build 179 is up. We are announcing ChipWits in the Indie Gamers forums - looking for a new set of hardcore game geek playtesters. This week's contest is a repeat - Doom Rooms! Happy ZAPping.
  • 3/5/07 - Contest of Doom Winner announced: Congrats to Rusty and his creator Trojo. Turned up some good bugs. I will be posting a new build and then announcing the ChipWits beta in the Indie Gamer Forums in the next few days.
  • 2/25/07 - Contest of Doom! Create your fiercest, smartest ChipWit for Doom Rooms. New build 178. Enjoy the wonders of Hummingbird Speed.
  • 2/22/07 - We will announce a new contest this Sunday.
  • 2/14/07 Build 177 is up at last! Enjoy the silly PathetiBot in the sample ChipWit files. We'll spend the rest of the week is working on missions and baddies. We will start the next contest after we get some playtest feedback on this build.
  • 2/13/07 After dealing with med and car problems I am back at work. I will post a major build tonight. This time I promise! Stick with us, folks. ChipWits is almost ready for the big time.
  • 2/10/07 Will post a new build tomorrow. Got some of the uglier gameplay bugs.
  • 2/8/07 We will take a week to kill bugs and add features before running the next contest. Margaret is recuperating from pneumonia.
  • 2/7/07 Relee's Owlit 2 takes 1st place in the Unlimited age category. Congrats! Eric Hsu's elegant Eric1 takes the 14 and Under Crown, beating the oldster's ChipWits as well. We've posted the winning ChipWits for download.
  • 2/6/07 - Contest results will be posted tonight. Thanks for the entries and bug reports, gang!
  • 2/5/07 - TAADAA!'s New Look. Hope ya like it.
  • 2/4/07 - Playtesting continues with Build 173. Margaret and I are working on the website. Gonna have a new, fun look.
  • 2/3/07 - Build 173 is up! - this is the contest build
    • Good luck on winning the fabyoolous prizes.
  • 2/2/07 There will be a new build LATE tonight (wee AM hours)
    • This build - 173 - will be the official contest build. We run all entries on build 173 for scoring.
    • Because stacks were totally useless in Build 172 we will extend the contest another 24 hours until Monday at Midnight Central
  • 2/1/07 New build 172
    • Increased number of cycles in Greedville mission to 6,000
    • There is a killer bug involving PUSHNUMBER RANGEFINDER that I am working on
      1/31/07 - New build. Contest deadline changed to Sunday 2/4 at Midnight central.
      • Made SAY and SING both 0 cycles to encourage their use
  • 1/18/07 is live .
  • 1/17/07 The ChipWits Store is now open. Support the ChipWits project by buying cool IBOL stuff.
  • 1/10/07 Back to work tomorrow.
  • 1/8/07  - No new build
    • I got a chance to test ChipWits on a friend’s Mac so I’ll spend the day getting the Mac/Linux installable in shape    
  • 1/7/07 – Sick day today.  Been pushing to too hard. Hope to do a build tomorrow.
  • 1/6/07 – No new Build
    • Exploring and recreating the ancient mazes is taking longer than I thought. So drop and contest tomorrow.
    • Margaret is designing some ChipWit t-shirts and stuff. The first ones should be available tomorrow
  • 1/5/07 – No new Build.
    • I am recreating the original 8 ChipWits missions . I will release a build tomorrow night that will include them
    • The Arrows on Chips Move – Click Them. We are getting feedback that new players don’t know they can move the arrows that connect chips. We will be adding Intro Missions to teach this.
  • 1/3/07 – Scoring Now Works