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When you first run ChipWits it saves some sample .chipwit files. Right now it places them into the directory where you installed the game.

Known bugs:

  • If you edit IBOL while the ChipWit is running it sometimes crashes when it tries to execute a chip without an argument. Should pause, unpause while editing.
  • Animation glitches galore
  • Player doesn't get enough feedback that they are coding on a subpanel instead of the main panel. Highlight the tab more and give subpanels a slightly different color.
  • Reset bug - Sometimes when I click Reset and I haven't saved a change I made to a ChipWit, it will reload the ChipWit from the file for some reason (but it doesn't always do this). I'm assuming that's a bug since if I wanted to re-open the 'wit from its file, I would use Open. I use Reset when I want to restart a mission.Graphic glitches in Animation - ChipWit is overlapped by nearby objects, can wander off the square
  • When a Mission restarts in the same room the ChipWit may be out of position and suddenly jerk to a new square.
  • ChipWit changes color when saved, loaded.
  • Implement 3 types of IFXXXEQUALS with EMPTY stack
  • The stoplight that starts the main board has an arrow that lets you set the direction. If you change it to face south, it still goes east when starting the ChipWit.
  • Open Menu bug: ChipWits Open Menu item sometime freezes. Open dialog may appear later or even right after the game is exited. - "There seems to be a lot of problems with loading a ChipWit when one is already on the field. Sometimes the name doesn't update, sometimes it opens multiple 'open file' menus, and sometimes other crazy things that happen too quickly to record."
  • Currently executing panel isn't always shown while mission is running.
  • Virgin ChipWit crash bug
    Make a new ChipWit (just put anything for its IBOL program) and close the ChipWits game *without* running the new 'wit on a mission. Re-open ChipWits, and it will bring up the Open File dialog (whereas normally it would automatically open the last 'wit you were playing with). Try to load the newly-created 'wit, and you will get an OK/Cancel message box with this error:
    "ERROR Message: IBOLExecuter get chipwitData == null. ChipWit not loaded."
    If you click OK on this message box, it closes ChipWits. If you click Cancel, ChipWits will not close but you won't be able to do much of anything.
    If you re-open ChipWits a second time, it will load your new 'wit normally.
  • The ChipWit's name on the green Leaderboard is replaced by the directory name where the file is stored.
    Happens sporadically, seems to be caused by using the 'step' button.
  • IFSEE FLOOR doesn't work.
    IFNUMBERLESSTHAN frequently does not evaluate correctly after a PUSHNUMBER Rangefinder operation; it works normally after a PUSHNUMBER Number7 (for example) though, so the bug is probably with Rangefinder.
    Try this...

    IFSEE Wall (True and False go to the same place...I just call IFSEE to get a value in Rangefinder)
    (True) LOOP
    (False) DECREMENT -> SING NumberStack -> go back to the JUNCTION before IFNUMBERLESSTHAN
    If you step through you will see all kinds of weirdness. Rangefinder records wrong ranges sometimes (but not always), DECREMENT empties the cup at the top of NumberStack instead of just decrementing it sometimes (but not always), and IFNUMBERLESSTHAN evaluates Number0 and Number1 as *not* being less than Number2.
  • 2/8 Purely cosmetic... but I hate to see my five-digit scores look messed up! A score that is too long will have its last digit wrapped to the next line.
  • 2/8 Once placed, the SAY chip can't be dragged.
  • LOOP chip uses one cycle while using a blank space is free.
  • IFLESSTHAN doesn't work right.
  • When placing a chip that includes an argument, the argument list is displayed incorrectly towards the lower right. This obscures some of the lower right arguments.
    IFNUMBEREQUALS chip with argument NUMBER5 branches down False wire when NUMBER5 is at the top of the stack. While playing Greedville
    Repeatable, made a second chipwit with only those commands and experienced same results.
    Always Happens when using NUMBER5, but not other numbers
  • Program goes very, very fast when minimized.
  • The IFDIRECTIONEQUALS operator is resolving as False when it should be True and vice versa. Repeatable: set up a ChipWit with this program...
    (True Branch) POP DirectionStack -> PUSHDIRECTION Right45
    (False Branch) POP DirectionStack -> PUSHDIRECTION Left45
    (Branches rejoin) SKATE DirectionStack -> LOOP
    In theory, the ChipWit should swivel in place left, right, left, etc. But instead it spins in a circle because IFDIRECTIONEQUALS Left45 evaluates as False even though Left45 is the only thing in the stack (i.e. a True condition). Flip the True and False arrows and the 'wit will swivel back and forth, showing that IFDIRECTIONEQUALS evaluates a False condition as True also. Interestingly though, the first IFDIRECTIONEQUALS Left45 looks at an empty stack, which evaluates as False, as it should.

Thanks to everyone who has helped us find these bugs!

Reporting bugs:

What to report:

  • Bugs:
    • Showstoppers – Bugs that make the game unplayable: Won’t install. Won’t run. Stops running.          
    • Bad – Bugs that affect the play of the game: Scoring, IBOL operator flakiness, problems editing IBOL.      
    • Cosmetic – Bugs that look, sound, or taste bad.
  • UI Design issues:
    • Ideas for making the game easier to play.
  • Game design issues:                
    • Ideas for making the game more fun to play. We’d love to have you guys develop some killer missions.
  • How to report a bug. Put in your report:     
    • The Build #:
        • It’s above the Closeup ChipWit
    • A short name for the bug.
      • “ChipWit loses glasses.”, “Non-exploding Bomb”
    • A short description of what happens and what you were doing with the game when it happened.    
      • ChipWit’s glasses disappear when entering new room. While playing Greedville.”
    • Is it repeatable? If so, what steps do you take to make it happen?
      •  “Repeatable. Select ChipWit/New menu. Then ChipWit/Save menu. Type “Boojum” as CW name.
    • Is it sporadic? Make a guess as to what makes it happen.         
      • “Happens about 10% of the time while in Zoom view. I think it only happens when I use the SUBPANEL chip.”

For now report all bugs to the LiveJournal ChipWits community or email them to 47 (at) . We will move discussions to the forums on soon.